Aktia in Brief

Aktia offers a broad range of solutions in banking, asset management, insurance and real estate. Aktia operates mainly in coastal areas, the Helsinki region and inland growth areas.
The bank's roots date back to 1825, when Finland's oldest surviving deposit bank saw the light of day. The modern Aktia was born in 1991 with the merger of eight savings banks.
During the 1990s Aktia grew by opening new branches in strategic areas and by acquisitions. The bank also offered new services, such as asset management and internet banking. In the 2000s Aktia continued to provide more comprehensive products and services by expanded card offerings, real estate services, insurance and corporate finance solutions.
The main goal in the new strategy is offer the customers the best possible customer experience in asset management and financing. Aktia endeavours to meet the customers' individual needs through a combination of first-class individual service, digital services, and a unique service offering and smooth execution. The aim is to grow and improve operational efficiency and to thereby improve Group EBIT to EUR 80 million by 2022.
Aktia has approximately 380,000 customers who are served at over 30 branch offices and via comprehensive internet and telephone services.
Aktia is owned by Finnish Aktia foundations, savings bank foundations, institutions, companies and private individuals.