Privacy statement

Respect for privacy and confidentiality

Aktia Bank plc and its subsidiaries recognise and respect the fact that persons using our services rely on us to protect their privacy of information. All data submitted by customers is kept confidential.

Why do we collect, store and use data about our customers?

We collect, store and use customer data so we can provide customer support, risk management, official reports to authorities, and customer services (in order to identify and personify the customer, ensure adherence to agreements between the customer and Aktia, maintain contact, and conduct direct marketing).

Customer data helps us to better understand the needs of our customers.  On the basis of this data we offer our customers products and services that interest them. Data is also used to find solutions to problems, and to produce and develop our services. We are always ready to explain our procedures to customers who wish to know more.

Staff have limited access to customer data

Only staff whose tasks require it have access to customer data.  We train our staff so that they understand the importance of secrecy and the protection of customer information. We also have well-established principles for classifying data.  This way we guarantee that data is managed confidentially.

Increased security for protecting customer data

We follow approved security rules and procedures to prevent unauthorised access to customer data. These rules and procedures include (among other things) system access control, firewalls, network security, use of fire-resistant cabinets for storage of documents, and secure destruction of obsolete data and documents.

Disclosure of information

Personal data of our customers is disclosed only within the framework of the prescribed secrecy applicable to banks, fund management companies and investment services providers, or with the consent of the data subject.  Data may be exchanged between companies belonging to the Group in matters regarding customer service, customer support, marketing and risk management. Data is disclosed to authorities with legal right to access to such data without hindrance of secrecy regulations.  Data can also be disclosed to our partners in the finance and insurance sectors, for use in their customer service.

We disclose data about our customers only if:

  • the customer has authorised us to disclose such data
  • the secrecy applicable to banks, fund management companies or investment services providers  does not prevent disclosure, or if data is requested by a competent authority.

How is the customer's integrity preserved when doing business with a third party?

It is necessary to provide suppliers and service companies from which we purchase services with customer data. For example, when a payment card is ordered, we provide the card supplier with the necessary data. These suppliers and service companies are subject to secrecy and required to adhere to the law.  We do not permit third parties to sell or use our customer data for their own purposes.

Recording of phone calls

Incoming and outgoing calls may be recorded in order to improve our customer service and security. Recordings may be used to verify assignments.  Recordings may also be used to develop our customer service and to improve other services that we provide.

Web services

When customers visit our website, we follow the same rules on secrecy and integrity as when customers visit our branches. Read more about information security and Aktia's Terms and conditions. See below for further information on the use of cookies used in our web services.


Cookies are small text files stored by the browser on the user's device. Cookies are used for example to retain information about the user when he moves from one web page to another.
We use cookies to analyse and develop our services. Cookies give us important information i.a. on the use of our services, the most popular pages, loading times and for troubleshooting. We need this information to be able to improve our web site and make it more user-friendly, follow-up on the effect of our ads and provide the information and services our customers need. We may use anonymous information about the use of our web services also for the production of directed content or marketing. We do not collect information enabling identification of individual users, but we identify and specify browsers and identify the organisation the user's browser is representing.

However, we do identify persons using Aktia's online bank. Each user is identified by a personal cookie.

If you don't want cookies to be stored on your device, you can disable the function in the security settings of your browser. Please note that if cookies are not enabled, you cannot use Aktia's online bank or chat service.

Collection of personal data

We collect information from several sources in order to understand and meet user needs and to comply with regulatory requirements on knowing our customers. Personal data is, for instance, collected from the customers themselves or their representatives, the Population Register Centre and registers of other authorities, registers on customers' payment defaults and credit data, Group companies and partners in the finance and insurance sector within the restrictions set by law. We may also collect information from other trustworthy sources, such as commercial registers containing information on persons in charge and owners of different companies.

It's our aim to keep the customer information up-to-date, but should you notice incorrect information for example in your account statement, we kindly ask you to inform us.

Right of access to data

A customer is always entitled to check the data about him/her that is stored in our customer registers, by submitting a written request to the data controller. By notifying the data controller, the customer has the right to prohibit the use of personal data concerning him/her for the purposes of direct marketing, distance selling, and market research and/or opinion surveys. The data controller is obliged to correct errors and update old data in the register, immediately upon discovery that this is necessary.  Because of secrecy regulations we do not provide this data via e-mail over an open network.

Data controllers

The above information applies to the customer registers of the following data controllers:

Aktia Bank plc, Business ID 2181702-8, address PB 207 (Mannerheimintie 14), 00101 Helsinki
Aktia Fund Management Company Ltd, Business ID 0672513-3, address PB 695 (Mannerheimintie 14), 00101 Helsinki
Aktia Asset Management Ltd, Business ID 1110152-8, address PB 714 (Mannerheimintie14), 00101 Helsinki 

For file descriptions, please see the Finnish or Swedish version of this page.


We will be happy to answer questions regarding the principles for the protection of privacy at Aktia. Please fill out the contact form (in Finnish).