Annual General Meeting 2019

Aktia Bank Plc' s Annual General Meeting (AGM) 2019 was held on 11 April 2019 at 4.00 pm at Vanha ylioppilastalo in Helsinki (Mannerheimintie 3).

AGM materials:


Decisions of Aktia Bank Plc's Annual General Meeting and Board of Directors

The Annual General Meeting of Aktia Bank Plc has today adopted the financial statements of the parent company and the consolidated financial statements and discharged the previous members of the Board of Directors, the Managing Directors and their deputies from liability.

Minutes (in Swedish)


Payment of dividend

In accordance with the proposal by the Board of Directors, the Annual General Meeting decided to distribute a dividend of EUR 0.61 per share, totalling approximately EUR 42 million for the accounting period 1 January – 31 December 2018. The record date for the dividend will be 15 April 2019 and the day for paying out the dividend 25 April 2019.

Board of Directors and remuneration for the members of the Board

The Annual General Meeting confirmed the number of board members as eight.

Christina Dahlblom, Stefan Damlin, Maria Jerhamre Engström, Johannes Schulman, Lasse Svens and Arja Talma were re-elected as Board members. As new members of the Board of Directors were elected Tarja Wist, LL.M., and Johan Hammarén, M. Sc. (Econ.), LL.M. All board members were elected for a term of office continuing up until the end of the next Annual General Meeting.

The annual remuneration for the Board members remained unchanged and was confirmed as EUR 61,200 for the chair, EUR 34,650 for deputy chairs and EUR 27,140 for members. 40% of the annual remuneration shall be paid in the form of Aktia shares. The remuneration for attended meetings also remained unchanged and was established as EUR 500 per attended meeting. However, the chair of the Board of Directors' Committees receives a remuneration of EUR 1,000 per committee meeting where they act as chairman. Compensation for travel and accommodation expenses as well as a daily allowance is proposed to be paid in line with the Finnish Tax Administration's guidelines.


The Annual General Meeting determined that the number of auditors shall be one, and re-elected APA firm KPMG Oy Ab as auditor. Remuneration to the auditor shall be paid against the auditor's reasonable invoice.

Authorisations of the Board of Directors

The AGM adopted the proposal of the Board of Directors regarding resolution for share issue authorisation, authorisation to acquire the company's own shares for use in the company's share based scheme and/or the remuneration of members of the company's Board of Directors and authorisation to divest the company's own shares. The AGM further adopted the proposal of the Board of Directors to decide on to decide up on one or several donations amounting to a maximum total of EUR 300,000 to non-profit or thereto comparable causes.

All proposals mentioned above are included in the Summons to the AGM published on the website under About Aktia > Corporate Governance > Annual General Meeting > Annual General Meeting 2019.

Organisational meeting of the Board of Directors

  • The Board of Directors, which convened after the General Meeting, elected Lasse Svens as chair and Arja Talma as vice chair.
  • The Board of Directors has decided on the composition of the Board's Audit Committee, Risk Committee, as well as the Remuneration and Corporate Governance Committee.
  • The Board of Directors elected Arja Talma as chair and Stefan Damlin and Johannes Schulman as members of the Audit Committee.
  • Maria Jerhamre Engström was elected as chair and Stefan Damlin, Lasse Svens, and Tarja Wist as members of the Risk Committee.
  • Christina Dahlblom was elected as chair and Johan Hammarén and Lasse Svens as members of the Remuneration and Corporate Governance Committee.