Annual Report 2018

Aktia's foundations were laid as early as in the 1820s when the oldest bank currently operating in Finland was established. At that time, the founding members of the bank wanted to provide people with a good way to save money for a rainy day when times were good. The Finland of today is very different, but the basic needs of people have not changed and it is still our mission to work for the prosperity of Finland and Finnish people.

In 2018, we concentrated on implementing major reforms in line with our strategy. Amidst the changes, we succeeded in maintaining the trust of our customers and achieved good financial results.

In 2019, Aktia will be more agile and international than ever. We are working with our customers to increase their assets with tailored solutions and digital services.

Mikko Ayub 2018

In 2018, we had success in many areas and managed to maintain the trust of our customers amidst major changes.

Mikko Ayub, CEO