Aktia Real Estate Mortgage Bank was 28 February 2017 merged into Aktia Bank plc

Aktia Real Estate Mortgage Bank plc was a Finnish credit institution subject to the Act on Mortgage Credit Bank. A mortgage bank grants real estate loans, i.e. loans secured by real estate or shares in housing corporations, and loans to public sector entities.
Aktia Real Estate Mortgage Bank was since September 2016 a fully owned subsidiary to Aktia Bank Plc.


Business concept and loan products

The mortgages were distributed through respective branch network by the co-operating banks (local Savings Banks and Co-operative POP-Banks). Customers were provided flexible and safe service at their own branch office. Aktia REMB:s operations were being winded down and was completed 28 February 2017.

Risk management

Aktia Real Estate Mortgage Bank strived to protect itself against all risks. Credit risks were managed by careful risk allocation and effective collateral management. Interest rate risks were covered by the use of derivatives. Currency risk did not exist. Asset and liability management services, including frequent reports on portfolio development and risks, were produced by the Group Treasury of Aktia Bank plc.

Funding and collateral

Aktia Real Estate Mortgage Bank funded its activities mainly by issuing covered bonds under its EMTN-programme.
The collateral for the covered bonds consisted of loans granted by Aktia Real Estate Mortgage Bank. The loans that served as collateral for the covered bonds were entered into a separate loan register supervised by the Finnish Financial Supervisory Authority.
Aktia Real Estate Mortgage Bank's short-term funding came from a credit facility granted by Aktia Bank.