Areas of focus in the work on corporate responsibility

The materiality analysis has been used as a starting point for identifying prioritised topics for Aktia's corporate responsibility. We have endeavoured to identify the areas in which the expectations of the Group's stakeholders and which as a company we have the best opportunity to influence. We endeavour to find new method of working so as to generate new, innovative solutions for the market, reduce risk and meet future challenges. Our greatest potential for influence is in our own products and services. Because of this responsibility issues are part of our day-to-day business operations

Responsible business

Aktia must be very stable and highly effective. We guarantee a high degree of availability and reliability performance through our digital channels. We focus on risk management and responsible product and service development.

Value for our customers

Aktia must be the best financial advisor. We have a high level of customer satisfaction, mutual confidence and a strong brand.

Value for our staff

Aktia must be an attractive workplace. Our staff are committed and motivated and our management is good. We aim for continuing professional development and encourage our employees to grow in their roles.

Value for society and the environment

Aktia plays an important role in the local community, as an employer and provider of financial services. We contribute to society by having stable finances. We want to be an active driving force in society and try to generate interest in important topics.

Aktia's corporate responsibility programme

Our corporate responsibility programme consists of three main themes, each covering several subjects. We have chosen main objectives and benchmarks for each theme. Aktia's corporate responsibility work and its goals are approved by the company's management team. The actions, implementation and development of corporate responsibility work are coordinated by the corporate responsibility working group representing extensive experience of Aktia's various functions. Aktia aims to be a sound and reliable partner for economic welfare and the preferred employer in the sector. We think well ahead.