Social Responsibility

Corporate social responsibility is defined as how the Company's daily activities influence society, from economic, environmental, and social perspectives. Aktia's mission and values stress social responsibility. Aktia adopts a responsible approach to its business by providing both financial and insurance services profitably, reliably and effectively.

Aktia publishes its Corporate Social Responsibility Report once a year. The report covers the activities of the entire Aktia Group, and serves as a complement to the Group's financial reports data. The report describes what measures we have taken to support and drive sustainable development.

Aktia updated the overall picture of the essential subjects of corporate responsibility together with Aktia's personnel, customers and stakeholders in 2018. Aktia received valuable response, on the basis of which we created a corporate responsibility programme with specific goals for Aktia. Our corporate responsibility programme consists of three main themes, each covering several subjects. We have chosen main objectives and benchmarks for each theme. Aktia aims to be a sound and reliable partner for economic welfare and the preferred employer in the sector. In addition to its corporate responsibility programme, Aktia's sustainability work is guided by the chosen UN Sustainable Development goals, climate policy, climate risk assessment, employee policy including equal opportunities principles, anti-bribery policy, Code of Conduct, employee protection whistle blowing guidelines, occupational health and well-being cooperation programme, charity and sponsoring policy, WWF's Green Office guidelines and ESG policy for sustainable investing.
Aktia follows the main international conventions and standards, such as the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights and corresponding UN conventions, ILO conventions, OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises, and the Rio Declaration on Environment and Development. Aktia has signed the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI). Thus, Aktia has committed itself to focus on good asset management practice for the environment and society. The PRI principles are in focus in the development of Aktia's asset management activities and in those units responsible for investment funds and discretionary asset management, as well as in units managing the bank's own investments. The PRI also means that Aktia can assist in achieving more responsible activities in those companies in which Aktia invests. 
Aktia is a member of FINSIF – Finland's Sustainable Investment Forum r.y and Green Building Council Finland. Aktia has since 2017 cooperated with ISS Ethix, a pioneer in normbased owner influence. The cooperation is based on so-called norm-based screening; ISS Ethix follows with the help of monitors our funds' holdings according to the criteria that are based on the UN Global Compact principles and identifies companies that have not been able to operate in compliance with the Global Compact principles. The majority of the companies we have invested in operates in compliance with these principles in such a manner that ISS Ethix has not found anything to remark on. ISS Ethix conducts dialogues on Aktia's behalf with those companies that have not been able to act in accordance with the criteria mentioned above. 
Aktia participates in CDP's Climate Change initiative that encourages listed companies to report their greenhouse gas emissions. Aktia is also a signatory to CDP's water and forest initiatives. In spring 2018, Aktia participated in CDP's NonDiscloser campaign encouraging listed companies to report their greenhouse gas emissions. Aktia Asset Management has also signed the international Climate Action 100+ aimed at affecting companies with some of the largest atmospheric emissions. Aktia is also a member of the Standards Board for Alternative Investments (SBAI).


Aktia has decided that sustainability will be dealt regularly on the agenda of Executive Committee and Board of Directors. Revisions Committee regularly prepares the presenting of sustainability issues to the Board. Aktia's corporate responsibility work and its goals are approved by the company's management team. The actions, implementation and development of corporate responsibility work are coordinated by the corporate responsibility working group representing extensive experience of Aktia's various functions. The activities of the working group are managed from the CFO's organization by the Head of Sustainability. Sustainability policies, programs, guidelines and NFI reporting are approved by the Executive Committee and Board of Directors. Annual sustainability report is combined in to the annual report and approved by the Executive Committee.
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