Aktia Real Estate Mortgage Bank plc has 28 February 2017 been merged into Aktia Bank plc

Aktia Real Estate Mortgage Bank was a Finnish credit institution and subject to the Mortgage Bank Act. According to the legislation a mortgage bank can grant property loans using property or shares in property as collateral, and loans to public sector associations using a guarantee or assets from a public sector association as collateral.

The Aktia Real Estate Mortgage Bank was specialised in loans secured by real estate collateral. The bank granted loans to private individuals, households and to residential housing companies. Only residential real estate in Finland were acceptable as collateral for the loans. The mortgage bank did not accept security deposits. Lending was financed using equity, short-term loans and through the issue of covered bonds in property in the domestic and international capital markets. Aktia Real Estate Mortgage Bank plc was 28 February 2017 merged into Aktia Bank plc. 

Contact information

Aktia Bank plc
Mannerheimintie 14
PO Box 207, 00101 Helsinki
Tel. +358 10 247 7200
Fax +358 10 247 7209
www.aktia.fi. www.aktia.com
E-mail structure: first name.surname(at)aktia.fi

Managing Director: Timo Ruotsalainen