Safety on the Web

Good to know when you use Aktia Netbank

The Internet is used to spread harmful software and to create hoax pages that appear similar to Aktia Netbank. The aim is to obtain the client's Netbank codes or credit cards. Follow the recommendations below on how to manage your bank errands safely when using Netbank.

Secure use of Netbank

  • Learn and memorise your user code and password.
  • Store your key code card in a safe place.
  • Do not give your Netbank codes to anyone else – these codes are personal.
  • Remember to log out from Netbank, by clicking the link "Log out".
  • Set appropriate limits for bank accounts and cards. Set an account-specific upper limit for single payments in Netbank, according to your requirements. You can do this by visiting Aktia's branches or by placing a verified phone call to Aktia's customer services.
  • Check your account transactions.
  • Avoid using Netbank in public locations.
  • If you access Netbank from a public location, always remember to clear the browser's cache and history, and close the browser.

Is your computer secured?

  • Check that the firewall and data protection programmes in your computer are updated and activated. Regularly install all programme updates, to close any gaps in your computer's data security. Use the automatic update function, if available.
  • Do not install unknown programmes or browser plug-ins on your computer.
  • Consider installing a second browser that is used solely for accessing Netbank.
  • Wireless networks used to access Netbank shall be protected. Never save your Netbank user code or password on your computer.
  • Do not use your Netbank password for other network services, and remember to change your password regularly.
  • When accessing Netbank, do not use the browser's functions for saving form fields and passwords. If after clicking Send, the browser will ask if you wish to save the data you entered. You should choose "no".
  • Check your account transactions.

More information about data protection can be found at: For more information about threats to data security, see