Materiality analysis

Using the materiality analysis Aktia has identified the areas in which the expectations of our stakeholders are highest and in which the impact from the Group is greatest. The results of the materiality analysis form the basis of our work on corporate responsibility and fashion our common holistic approach to the important areas of focus. They influence our stakeholders' perception of Aktia's progress and its ability to create and maintain value. The information we get from the materiality analysis guides our strategic work and our reporting

The most important aspects to stakeholders 

  1. Stability and reliability 
  2. Confidential customer data, and data security 
  3. Compliance with finance sector regulations 
  4. Qualified personnel and leadership 
  5. Transparent management practices and ethical principles 
  6. Responsible investment and asset management 
  7. Customer loyalty and customer satisfaction 
  8. Responsible financing, lending and responsible services 
  9. Compliance with competition legislation 
  10. Prevention of money laundering and combatting corruption 
  11. Transparent reporting and payment of taxes 
  12. Management of liability risk and opportunity 

Other aspects of medium importance to stakeholders 

  1. Responsible marketing 
  2. Occupational health 
  3. Conditions of employment, remuneration and attractiveness as an employer 
  4. Equality and diversity 
  5. The accessibility of banking services for everybody 
  6. Responsible supply chain 
  7. Contact with and development of society 
  8. Promotion of finance knowledge 
  9. Participation in the development of the information society 
  10. Environmental impact