Aktia Group

The parent company of Aktia Group is Aktia Bank plc. Aktia Group comprises the wholly-owned subsidiaries Aktia Life Insurance Ltd, Aktia Fund Management Company Ltd and Aktia Finance Ltd.

Aktia Bank owns 76% of Aktia Asset Management Ltd and key persons in the company own 24%.

Aktia Real Estate Mortgage Bank plc has 28 February 2017 been merged into Aktia Bank plc. In accordance with Aktia's strategy to focus on wealth management and financing, Aktia decreased its holdings in Aktia Real Estate Agency through a management-buyout (MBO) in July 2018. In the beginning of August 2018, Aktia also stopped functioning as an insurance agent for Folksam Non-Life Insurance to increase resources and focus on Aktia's strategic focus areas.

Aktia Corporate Finance Ltd has been merged into Aktia Bank plc on first of February 2019.

Group structure

*Minority shares used as incentives for key personnel

Organization chart