Annual General Meeting of Shareholders

Aktia Bank's ordinary Annual General Meetings deal with:

  • the Financial Statements for the previous financial year
  • payment of dividends
  • discharge from liability for the members of the highest administrative bodies
  • remuneration for the Board of Directors and audit fee
  • election of members of the Board of Directors
  • election of auditor(s)

The Annual General Meeting may also deal with other matters mentioned in the summons.

Summons to an Annual General Meeting is communicated to shareholders on the company's website. Information on an Annual General Meeting is also published in one or more of the daily papers specified by the Board of Directors with general circulation in Finland.The summons must include details of matters to be discussed at the meeting.

In order to be able to participate in an Annual General Meeting, shareholders must inform the company by the specific date stated in the summons. This date may be a maximum of ten days prior to the Annual General Meeting.

Extraordinary General Meetings are held under the conditions mentioned in the Limited Liability Companies Act.

Proposals for decisions to be taken by Aktia Bank's Annual General Meeting concerning members of the Board of Directors as well as their remuneration are prepared by the Shareholders' Nomination Board. The proposal for auditors is prepared by the Board of Directors' Audit Committee to be presented to the General Meeting by the Board of Directors.