Every year, the ordinary Annual General Meeting appoints one or two auditors for the Aktia Bank plc. The auditor must be authorised by the Central Chamber of Commerce. The auditor of the parent company is also appointed auditor for the consolidated companies.

During recent years, the Annual General Meeting has chosen to appoint only one auditor. KPMG Oy Ab, auditors authorised by the Finnish Patent an Registation office, were appointed at the Annual General Meeting 2018 . Marcus Tötterman, also authorised by the Finnish Patent an Registation office, operates as auditor-in-charge.

In the financial period 1 January – 31 December 2018, the auditors received remuneration for their services as follows.


Auditors' fees

(EUR 1,000)

2019 2018

Statutory auditing

182 218

Services related to auditingt

78 139

Tax counselling

13 80

Other services

14 50


286 488