Shareholders' Nomination Board

A Nomination Board shall be appointed annually with the duty to prepare a proposal for members of the Board of Directors as well as for the remuneration of there to the following Annual General Meeting, and, if necessary, to an Extraordinary General Meeting.

The Nomination Board comprises representatives of the five largest shareholders according to number of shares held. The chairman of the Board of Directors convenes the Nomination Board and acts as an expert at the meetings.

The right to appoint a member to the Nomination Board lies with the five shareholders whose ownership of shares in Aktia Bank plc is the largest on 1 June immediately preceding the General Meeting. Should a shareholder not wish to use his/her appointment right, the right transfers to the next largest shareholder who would otherwise not have an appointment right. The shareholders entitled to appoint a member are determined on the basis of the shareholders' register of the Company on 1 June the calendar year preceding the General Meeting.

Prior to an Annual General Meeting the Nomination Board shall present its proposals for members of the Board of Directors and for remuneration to the Board of Directors of Aktia Bank plc before the end of January. Concerning Extraordinary General Meetings, proposals shall be presented  in a similar manner in good time to before the meeting, considering applicable rules and regulations.

The Nomination Board complies with a Charter set by the General Meeting.