Aktia Code of Conduct

As an actor in the financial sector, Aktia is dependent on the trust that its customers and the market place on its operations. That is why it is of primary importance that all Aktia employees are familiar with the rules that apply to them and abide by them in order to promote the trust placed on Aktia by the customers, the market and public authorities.

To assist the employees, Aktia has produced a compilation of the most important rules which employees need to observe in their work. They deal with various matters including access to premises and the use of the Group's IT system, the employees' role as an Aktia representative, conflicts of interest, secondary occupations and positions of trust, as well as protection of Aktia's business secrets. Customer relations are the most important element of Aktia's business. Hence, the package includes the main rules concerning confidentiality and processing customer complaints. The Code of Conduct also presents the rules related to insider regulation that all employees must be familiar with, regardless of their position. The rules related to the prevention of money laundering and financing of terrorism are also briefly presented.

The Code also includes information on Aktia's process for reporting transgressions of rules ("whistle-blowing").