The Board of Directors' Committees

According to the rules of procedure adopted by the Board of Directors, the Board in itself elects and relieves a risk committee, an audit committee and a remuneration and corporate governance committee to decide on certain predefined matters and to draw up issues to be resolved upon by the Board of Directors.

Risk committee

Within the framework established by the Board of Directors, the risk committee can make independent decisions on risk-taking and risk management issues. In addition, the committee lays down measurement, limit and reporting structures for risk issues, oversees the capital management process and lays down methods for calculating economic capital, plus addresses reporting on risk issues, and draws up risk-related matters for the Board of Directors to pass decision on. The Audit Committee makes decisions about routines and procedures for compliance and participates in the Compliance unit's reports.

Members of the risk committee are

  • Maria Jerhamre Engström (Chairman)
  • Harri Lauslahti
  • Lasse Svens

Audit committee

The audit committee draws up matters to be decided upon by the Board on preliminary information on Financial Statements, Final Accounts and Interim Reports. The committee determines the principles for internal auditing and sets down the Group's internal audit schedule and adopts routines and procedures for compliance with statutory requirements. The Committee receives reports from external auditors and the internal audit, and monitors the internal reporting in general. The audit committee assesses the independence of the auditor or firm of auditors and, in particular, the provision of accessory services.

Members of the audit committee are

  • Arja Talma (Chairman)
  • Olli-Petteri Lehtinen
  • Johannes Schulman

Remuneration and corporate governance committee

The remuneration and corporate governance committee prepares and puts forward proposals to be decided upon by the Board concerning guidelines for the remuneration and incentive schemes of executives, and approval of the Managing Director's most important external engagements. The committee prepares and takes initiatives in matters relating to the development of the Group's administration and control system. Further, the committee is responsible for regular assessment of the Board of Directors' work and of the methods for selection of executive management members.

Members of the remuneration and corporate governance committee are

  • Christina Dahlblom (Chairman)
  • Johan Hammarén
  • Kari A. J. Järvinen
  • Lasse Svens