Terms and conditions

1. General

1.1 These conditions of use contain the general conditions of use for Aktia Bank Plc (hereafter referred to as Aktia), for the maintained web service (below referred to as the Service) at the addresses www.aktia.fi/, www.aktia.fi/, ebank.www.aktia.fi/, www.aktia.com/ and http://www.aktia.net/. By commencing to use the Service, the User (hereafter referred to as the User) accepts these general conditions of use, and agrees to abide by them.

1.2 Aktia maintains the Service, and produces and edits its content. The Service provides products and services, both in the Service itself and via Aktia's partners (hereafter referred to as Partners).

1.3 Use of the Service does not imply registration, except for certain parts of the Service, which require both registration and approval of special conditions of use. The Service also includes parts that can be used only upon signing an agreement concerning the use of the Aktia service in question (e.g. share trading over the Internet). Use of Partner products and services may also require acceptance of separate conditions of use.

1.4 Unless otherwise specified, the information in the Service is of a general nature, and as such cannot be used in individual cases. Nor shall the information be considered a binding tender offer from Aktia to the User, unless otherwise specified. A legal agreement with Aktia or a Partner implies that the Service has an express function for legal agreements for the service in question.

1.5 The rights of ownership, copyright and other intellectual property are the property of Aktia or other party, as notified separately; see Copyright.

1.6 Aktia reserves the right, at any time, to change the content of the Service, its availability, and requirements on the equipment and programmes required to use the Service. Aktia also reserves the right, at any time, to make changes to the Service's General conditions of use.

1.7 Use of the Service may require the use of browser plug-ins. The Service is designed to function best with the latest web browsers, such as Microsoft Internet Explorer® 6.0, 7.0 and 8.0, Firefox™ 2.x, and Mac Safari® 2.0. Use of certain parts/programmes/applications and use of their properties implies acceptance of the use of Java™, Java VirtualMachine® and Adobe® Flash®, as well as Javascript® and cookies.

2. The User's responsibilities and obligations

2.1 The User is responsible for acquiring and maintaining the necessary equipment, programmes and telecommunication links to use the Service, as well as for any other costs incurred through use of the Service.

2.2 When using the Service, the User must observe the law and good practice, as well as the conditions and agreements described in 1.3. The Service may not be used in such a way that it harms or offends Aktia, its Partners, other users or third parties.

2.3 The User is entirely responsible for any damages caused to Aktia, its Partner, other user or third party through use of the Service in violation of the law, good practice, or the conditions and agreements described in 1.3.

3. Aktia's limitation of liability

3.1 Aktia shall not be held responsible for the accuracy, trustworthiness or other properties of the content of the services accessed via the Service, regardless of whether the service was produced by Aktia or by a Partner. Text, images, counters, audio files, animations or other files published in the Service can contain technical or content errors. Aktia shall not be held responsible for ensuring that data/files accessed via the Service are suitable for a particular purpose. Aktia does not guarantee that the Service will function without error or interruption.

3.2 Without limiting in any way the conditions stated in 3.1, Aktia shall not be held responsible for direct or indirect damage caused by erroneous content, disruptions to computer systems, or harmful programmes (virus, worms, etc.) in services accessed via the Service. Nor shall Aktia be held responsible for damages in cases where Aktia or its representative had knowledge of the error in the Service. These conditions are applicable regardless of whether claims for compensation due to damages are based on contractual relationships, negligence or other grounds for compensation.

3.3 Aktia emphasises in particular that those sections of the Service that include investment data (e.g. analyses, stock exchange rates) are also general in regard to the information contained therein, and that in no way shall this information be considered as investment advice, tenders to purchase or sell securities, or any other suggestion for investment activities. Aktia or its Partner shall not be held responsible for the suitability of any data/files obtained via the Service for use by the User, nor for the results of any investment decisions made on the basis of said data/files.


The copyright on these web pages, as well as all other intellectual property rights are the property of Aktia Bank Plc (hereafter referred to as Aktia), or of a separately specified other party. The User of these pages does not own the right, except for private use, to disseminate, publish, copy, make available to the public or otherwise exploit protected material on these pages without the express written permission of Aktia or other rights holders. If, in special cases, the publishing, copying, dissemination or the making of this material available to the public is permissible by law, reference should always be made to the author or other rights holder.