At Aktia corporate responsibility is anchored in day-to-day business operations and is based on Aktia's mission, vision, value proposition and
values. Our aim is to have a responsible approach towards customers and society. For Aktia this means delivering responsible financial services to our customers but at the same time taking account of the interests of our shareholders and society. Aktia promotes financial stability on the market through controlled risk-taking and responsible advice to customers. At Aktia, responsibility work is governed by the Group's strategy and managed as an integral part of business operations.
Aktia's development and business opportunities are depending on customers, staff, shareholders, investors and society having a high degree of
confidence in the company. To maintain and strengthen this confidence activity, transparency, high ethical standards and comprehensively responsible behaviour is needed from the company.
Since 2010 Aktia has reported the measures it has taken to support sustainable development. In our Corporate Responsibility Report we focus on setting out how taking responsibility on our part impacts society economically, socially and environmentally.
Taking responsibility for us is based locally on concrete action. We take responsibility as both an employer and tax payer. We provide safe financial services to our customer in order to help them reach and maintain a steady financial footing now and in the future. Our specialists make visits to schools, organisations and businesses in order to increase the public's awareness of personal and corporate economy and instruct them in using the new digital services. As a medium-sized player on the Finnish market, we are able to act and react in the local setting. At Aktia customer satisfaction is one of the most important metrics of our success in maintaining and strengthening confidence in us as a local player.
It is important to us that the local community grows and prospers. Through our ownership foundations, a significant part of our profit is channelled back to the local community.