Financial responsibility

Aktia's aim is to create a long-term and financially sustainable level of profitability that guarantees good returns for the owners. This value is created through a positive share price trend and stable dividend. 
Aktia endeavours to be an attractive and stable investment for both domestic and foreign investors. A long-term and sustainable level of profitability is necessary to ensure good returns, strong creditworthiness and refinancing at favourable terms. 
Aktia maintains transparent and regular reporting of the company's economic development and business activities to both shareholders and debt investors, ratings agencies, the media and analysts. The purpose of providing detailed information is to promote a better understanding of the business and thus minimise share price volatility.


Aktia aims to pay out a stable dividend to its shareholders which, according to the dividend policy, is at least 50% of annual profit. 
For 2016 the Board of Directors proposes a dividend of EUR 0.60 (0.54). This equals a dividend pay-outratio of 81% (69%) of the profit for the year. This corresponds to a direct yield, calculated on the share price per 31 December 2016, of 6.2% (6.2%) for series A shares.