Social responsibility

Every year Aktia Group traditionally supports both culture and sport. One of the larger child and youth initiatives that Aktia supports is the Relay Carnival. Every year the carnival gathers Swedishspeaking Finnish children and young people from all over Finland and for many years Aktia has been one of the main sponsors.

Approximately 80% of the returns paid to Aktia and savings bank foundations are channelled back to society in the form of support and subsidies. Currently, there are 30 foundations. Practically all the Aktia and savings bank foundations make contributions to different forms of local activities. Recipients are active in areas such as child and youth activities, cultural activities, and education. Moreover, the foundations emphasise the importance of environmental responsibility and underpin a number of projects to that end. The foundations' contributions are essential to maintaining and developing these activities.

Aktia is a part-owner of Women's Bank. Women's Bank is an association and fund supporting women's sustainable entrepreneurship and livelihood in developing countries. The funds given are used to finance projects that promote women's economic livelihood, skills and rights, to finance small loans, vocational training, other activities to encourage entrepreneurship and innovative pilot projects aimed at promoting women's entrepreneurship.

In 2019, Aktia updated its charity and sponsoring policy with three main themes for charity. These are 1) youth activities and improving of economic skills, 2) climate mitigation and environmental protection aligned with Aktia's commitments (CDP and Climate Action 100+), 3) supporting diversity and economic well-being.