Personnel responsibility

Aktia's responsibility to personnel is based on the aim to encourage its personnel to maintain their physical and mental well-being and to support their development. The personnel is Aktia's most important asset. Having motivated personnel with good health is a prerequisite for good business results.


At year-end, Aktia's total workforce was 1,026 employees; 82% have fulltime and 18% part-time contracts. The gender distribution of the total
workforce between women and men is 65% and 35%, respectively. At the end of 2016, the number of employees had decreased by 25 persons, which corresponds to approximately 2%.


Professional development

The changes in customer behaviour, the increasing digitalisation and the technological development make heavy demands on competence enhancement. Aktia has a broad palette of various training modules, and many courses are arranged in a local setting in order to, among other things, reduce travel. On average, Aktia employees spent 4.0 days in training in 2016. 


Aktia's salary and remuneration system is aimed at supporting diverse expertise, collaboration and professional development, taking into account changing circumstances such as requirements on business development and changes to the company and to society.
The contribution of our employees is necessary for Aktia to achieve its goals. To motivate its staff Aktia aims to transfer some of its profits into the Personnel Fund each year. The outcome of the profit-sharing provision for 2016 is projected at EUR 1.1 million.

Well-being at work


The work environment is extremely important for the employees' day-today work and their job satisfaction. Aktia closely monitors job satisfaction using both occupational health surveys and staff wellbeing surveys.

The aim is to establish a working culture geared in on job satisfaction. Staff wellbeing surveys have been undertaken at least twice a year since 2014.

The aim of the Pulse survey is to gauge the current general mood of staff. The results of the staff wellbeing surveys are used to continuously develop the business. The results of the Pulse survey in 2016 show that staff are very satisfied with their duties, workplace and management. The most important factors behind job satisfaction and inspiration for the employees are experiencing success and feeling proud of your achievements. It is extremely important to feel that you have a good grasp of your tasks and that there is a balance between work and the private sphere. As an employer, Aktia supports the employees' individual resources, for instance, by providing training and health promotion measures.

Over the course of the year wide-ranging measures have been taken to reduce short periods of sick leave. Short periods of sick leave have been reduced appreciably through training, support and management tools