Aktia´s stakeholders

Aktia's stakeholders are the people who impact the company's business activities most and are most affected by them. They are the company's greatest asset and expect Aktia to deliver stable results and maintain an ongoing and open dialogue with them. Aktia's stakeholder groups include customers, staff, shareholders, and investors as well as society including the authorities, industry organisations, partners, suppliers and the media. Aktia listens to its stakeholders, involving them in developing its products and services as well as its corporate responsibility. Through an active dialogue with our stakeholders, we will become better at identifying those aspects of our operations which we must prioritise and improve. Thus, we keep up to date with their demands on and preferences for Aktia.


Aktia has approximately 280,000 private customers and approximately 30,000 corporate and institutional customers 

We work to provide for our customers' welfare and we provide advice and services helping them maintain a sound financial position, now and in the long-term. We aim to deliver responsible financial services to our customers. We hold an active dialogue with them so as to understand their current and future needs. The most important dialogue with customers takes place daily at our branch offices, by telephone and through our digital channels. We listen to our customers and undertake regular customer surveys, we listen to customer feedback. We invest in long-term customer relations, proactivity and follow-up. We behave responsibly, ethically and transparently.


Aktia has approximately 790 staff 

We endeavour to be an attractive employer. The skill and performance of our staff are crucial to Aktia's development and growth. We strive for continuing professional development and encourage our employees to grow in their roles. We maintain an open dialogue between staff and management. We hold annual performance appraisals and undertake regular staff and management surveys, organise joint meetings, offer a leadership training programme and organise regular health and safety inspections. We offer a versatile workplace with respect for equal opportunities and equality.

Shareholders and investors 

Aktia has approximately 37,000 shareholders 

We aim for long-term profitability and good returns in order to create longterm value for our shareholders. This value is created through a stable share price trend and dividend. We want to be an interesting and stable investment and we achieve this by maintaining a strong capital adequacy ratio and ratings and through cost consciousness and investment in profitable growth. Through transparent reporting we regularly provide our shareholders and debt investors as well as analysts with comprehensive information about Aktia's economic development and business activities. At the annual general meeting our shareholders have the opportunity to put questions to the management and Board of Directors.


We endeavour to hold an open and active dialogue with the authorities, decision makers, the media and industry organisations. We also aim for long-term relationships with our partners and suppliers. Aktia provides industry specific expert opinions and when necessary takes part as an expert in the drafting of legislation. We are proactive in the dialogue regarding the evolution of the industry. We actively discuss market growth and trends with our stakeholders. We arrange regular discussions with the authorities, media and decision makers and actively participate in the work of industry organisations.


Our suppliers are mainly domestic service providers with some European exceptions. Because Aktia has relatively few service providers, and most of these are domestic, the company has no formal process for auditing them. We are convinced that suppliers with high quality service delivery also take account of social, ethical and environmental factors in their business activities. The need for a formal audit process for suppliers is evaluated regularly.
Aktia has created a green procurement guideline and supplier Code of Conduct and carried out supplier risk assessment in 2019. Aktia has started to build WWF's Green Office network in its offices starting from its headquarters.

Aktia Group's Ethical code of conduct for suppliers