Aktia in Society

The old savings bank traditions are nurtured by Aktia in its current social commitment. Aktia has its roots in the Helsinki Savings Bank, which commenced operations in 1826. Already at that time, its basic premise was to take care of the society around it, and through the years, the bank has been an important developer of society.

The mainstay of our operations is that they are local and that regional activities are supported. Our branch offices are close to our customers – in the cities, and in the countryside. It's Aktia's aim to provide banking and insurance services also in sparsely populated areas.

In 2019, Aktia updated its charity and sponsoring policy with three main themes for charity. These are 1) youth activities and improving of economic skills, 2) climate mitigation and environmental protection aligned with Aktia's commitments (CDP and Climate Action 100+), 3) supporting diversity and economic well-being.


Aktia and Savings bank foundations

Aktia's ownership structure is that of a public utility. Its largest owner group, the Aktia and savings bank foundations, owns 40% of the shares. The savings bank foundations were established in 1993, when Aktia was converted into a limited savings bank company. There are currently 31 foundations spread throughout the areas where Aktia operates.

The purpose of the savings bank foundations is to promote saving, support local districts and nurture the savings bank tradition. The foundations realise this purpose by providing financial support for work and research that promotes saving, and by offering grants locally – mainly for youth, sport and community activities. The savings bank foundations receive the funds for these grants from Aktia in the form of an annual distribution of profit. In this way, the path between Aktia and society comes full circle.

Read more about the savings bank foundations at www.sparbanksstiftelserna.fi (in Swedish), www.aktiasaatiot.fi (in Finnish).

Social commitment

In the areas where Aktia operates, it's an important part of the local community offering both banking services and employment opportunities. Aktia's branch offices support local cultural events as well as sports clubs and other associations. The Group co-operates with local authorities, branch organisations, scientific research institutions, schools and institutions of higher education.